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Cardano Blockchain Certified
Associate (CBCA) Course Overview

Launching the Cardano Academy’s first certified course with: Cardano Blockchain Certified
Associate (CBCA) Course. No prior knowledge or experience of blockchain is needed.

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Launch: December 14th 2023

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Who is the course for?

Icon depicting a network of peopleBusiness Professionals, decision-makers, entrepreneurs who want to learn more about blockchain for their businesses
Icon depicting a person sitting in front of their laptop chatting onlineLecturers, researchers, teachers, and trainers who want to understand the fundamentals of blockchain and/or teach the course material.
Icon depicting a monitor with a graduate capStudents who are interested in learning about or working in the blockchain industry.
Icon depicting a paper airplane with a messageTraditional web2 IT professionals wanting to learn about blockchain and upskill in web3.
Icon depicting a monitor with code on itBlockchain developers and engineers who will develop and build on the Cardano Blockchain.
Icon depicting a keyboard and a code symbolGeneral public interested in blockchain, and in working with blockchain in the future.

CBCA Certification Coming Soon!

The Cardano Foundation is pleased to announce that for the CBCA course, you will soon have the opportunity to obtain the Associate Certification. The examination bookings will be made available in the first half of 2024.