Cardano Blockchain
Certified Associate (CBCA)
Course Overview

Module 1 Overview
Module 1 introduces the foundation of blockchain, from the main components of a typical blockchain network, to how consensus algorithms provide a mechanism to reach agreement in decentralised systems. It delves into the Byzantine Generals Problem and explains what Byzantine and Practical Byzantine fault tolerant systems are.
This module looks at the key concepts behind proof of work and proof of stake systems, including their respective limitations. Other proof-based consensus models including proof of authority, proof of Importance and proof of History are briefly explored. Encryption methods are examined and how hash functions and digital signatures provide data authenticity and integrity.

Course Creators and Contributors

Matthias BenkortMatthias BenkortTechnical Director of Open Source
John GreeneJohn GreeneTechnical Blockchain Educator
Vanessa HurhangeeVanessa HurhangeeEducation Manager
Thomas MayfieldThomas MayfieldTeam Lead - Decentralized Trust and Identity Solutions
Michiel BellenMichiel BellenCore Integrations Team Lead
Denicio ButeDenicio ButeCommunity Manager